Welcome at the Hadiyya Arabians website. We are a small Arabian horse stud and trainingcenter. We have Arabian horses both for show as endurance. At this website you can find our stallions at stud, horses for sale and services we offer. If you have questions, don't hesitate and send us an email at the contact form!

Bel Padash gold champion yearling colts at Spa-Francorchamps

Our goal is to breed and keep happy Arabian horses like they should be. show horses with straight legs and strong endurance horses.  

All of our horses are kept as natural as possible. This means for our mares and geldings to live in a big herd with 24/7 acces to hay (in spring and summer grass) and water. The food they get is without grain, molasses and sugar. When the weather is bad or the fields are to wet, we take them inside our barn where we have several boxes where they can see and touch each other. None of our horses are ridden with bit or are shoed. Our endurance horses are competing barefoot or with hoof boots. Koen is our expert in hoof care and makes sure all of our horse's hoofs are trimmed perfectly  so their legs are strong and straight. When we have a big endurance competition he glues a shoe to the competing horse so they don't have nail holes in their hoofs. 

Our stallions go out every day, no matter what weather. Wanderos and Yum Yum live together in their field in autumn and winter. When spring arrives and they start breeding we separate them but they still live in a paddock next to each other. Padash  is to young to play with our big boys, he lives in the field or paddock next to Wanderos and Yum Yum.