Bel Padash

(EKS Alihandro x Pataya os)

Bel Padash is our 2016 colt. He was born in Germany and came to live with us in Januari 2017. He competed his first show in Germany as a foal and won a foal premium. He is now learning his basic manners with Koen and will be shown by Sien. Padash is sired by world champion EKS ALIHANDRO. We are VERY pleased he's got his daddy's moves!! 



- foal premium Germany


- 5th place 1-3 yo colts Sint-Lenaerts

- 4th place yearling colts int. C show Sint- Oedenrode

- 1st place yearling colts int. C show Spa-Francorchamps

- GOLD champion yearling colts int. C show Spa-          Francorchamps

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