El Shah Yum Yum

(Hallim's Shah JC x Sarah El Chanel)

El Shah Yum Yum was our first arabian horse. By coincidence we got to know endurance. And turned out he was born for it!

El Shah Yum Yum will only be available by fresh semen at the beginning of 2019. As we will start his international career during 2019, there will only be frozen semen available during the rest of the season.

SCID/CA clear.

Life foal guarantee

Mares who already had some results in endurance can get a discount.

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- 40km mont-le-soie 2nd place
- 40km Lille 2nd place
- 60km Beernem 2nd place
- Flemish championship Beernem    2nd place
- 60km Lanaken 4th place
- 44km Otterlo (NL) 2nd place,  speed: 17,5km/h
- 80km Lichtaart 6th place, speed:  14,5km/h

- 3rd place Flanders endurance cup

- 1st place Flanders youth cup


- 60km Lille 3rd place

- 60km Maasland 4th place 


- 80km Zutendaal 4th place

- 80km Beernem 6th place

- CEI*100km Lanaken 7th place 17,5km/h

Yum Lanaken
Yum lanaken 2
Lichtaart 2016
Dressuur 2013
Rik Janssens Fotografie Haacht-Tildonk, Vlaams-Brabant-6
Hengstenkeuring 2015
Rik Janssens Fotografie Haacht-Tildonk, Vlaams-Brabant-12
Rik Janssens Fotografie Haacht-Tildonk, Vlaams-Brabant-14
Helchteren 2016
Lichtaart 2016